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Want To Get Started On Your
Prepping Journey?

Getting started on prepping can seem overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. Begin by making a list of the essential items you need to survive in case of an emergency, such as food, water, first aid supplies, and shelter. Then, make a plan for how to acquire and store these items. Start small by purchasing non-perishable food items and storing them in a designated area, and gradually build up your supplies over time. Don't forget to educate yourself on important skills such as basic first aid, fire-starting, and self-defense. By taking these simple steps, you can feel confident and prepared for any situation. Check out the information in our blogs, video library and first book in the SHTF Fundamentals series created specifially for beginner preppers.

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Don't be caught unprepared: read the Urban Prepping 101 Guide! Get the tools & knowledge you need to survive any disaster

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Emma Crawford - Founder of SHTF  Fundamentals &
Author of
Urban Prepping 101

Other Reviewers say...

"I read this book in one evening. Then read it again the next day. This is a book for ANYONE that has had the realization that things might go bad in a little or a big way. The author assumes no prior knowledge on the part of the reader. Simple, easy-to-follow plans and the WHY of those plans. Do yourself a favor and buy the paperback. Read it and have it on your reference shelf."

R. Laws, CA

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