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Water with light bubbles background image. Image by Sime Basioli
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Storage Basics

When it comes to emergency prepping, food and safety are paramount. To ensure you are well-prepared for any situation, make sure to follow the tips and tricks provided by our favorite food prepping experts in the videos below. Stock up on non-perishable food, such as canned goods, and make sure to store them properly. Always have a water supply ready and consider investing in a water filter system. Additionally, ensure your kitchen is stocked with a variety of cooking tools and utensils, such as a Dutch oven, skillet, and cutting board. Finally, inspect your food and supplies regularly to make sure they are still safe to consume.

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You are storing water the wrong way
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Water Storage
How to store backup water in your garage in 55 gallon barrels
Stored Water Gone Bad - How to Store Water That Never Needs to Be Rotated
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